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The Bar


The focus of the PaveMint bar is the tapwall of beer. Not just beer, but 35 seasonably-rotated drafts featuring the best craft and micro-brewed beers in the country. Our goal is to introduce our loyal customers to something new every week. In addition to the tapwall, we have restored a vintage cola machine from the building and loading it with micro-brewed canned beers, giving us an additional 6 selections. Our beer steward, is an accredited beer judge who will use her vast knowledge of the beer industry to seek out new and rare beers to be featured on the tapwall and featured during 20+ brewery nights through the year.


PaveMint is not just about beer. We have a full service bar offering a cocktail menu reflective of a modern approach to mixology, as well as old favorites.  Our signature cocktails, like our food, will feature fresh juices and produce, high quality sodas, and inhouse infused syrups.


High quality wines, chosen by our knowledgeable wine steward, are offered, as well as an extensive selection of wines from the local wine region.


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